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Three Young Limited specializes in manufacturing trolleys, activity wheel trolleys, industrial trolleys, trolleys, storage vehicles, activity wheel trolleys, the company was founded in 1995, with 27 years of professional, solid experience, adhere to the quality requirements, service-oriented attitude, technical level of improvement, for customers to produce beautiful and practical goods, the current project has iron wire products, iron plate, iron pipe, hardware and other cheap prices Welcome traders to cooperate with domestic and foreign sales

Main Products: Oil Pump, Oil Pump, Movable Wheel, Trolley, Trolley, Customized Trolley, Storage Truck, Work Chair, Food Mixer, Trolley Manufacturing, Hardware Processing and Manufacturing, Industrial Trolley, Movable Wheel Trolley, Movable Wheel Trolley, Folding Trolley, Storage Truck, Dirt Wheel, Movable Wheel Storage Truck, Handler Truck.

● Wine rack, mug tray holder, paper towel holder, shelf, towel rack, seasoning jar holder, hot

Mats, hooks behind doors, kitchenware buckets

● 50 gallon oil extractor, 50 gallon oil extractor (stainless steel), 5 gallon oil extractor, 5 gallons

Pump (stainless steel)

● All kinds of mud beaters (cross type, papaya type, attached head, triangle head have), stainless steel change

Good type mud beater, earthen dipper, earthen dipper (bowl of white iron), earth push

● 3" activity wheel x 4 Teenage Turtles (650mm x 450mm), 3" activity wheel x 4 Teenage Mutants

(Small) (530mm x 340mm)

Pumps, oil pumps, wheels, trolleys, trolleys, customized trolleys, storage carts, work chairs




Three Young Limited

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Fax: 886-4-798-0993

Address:  No. 296, Bin 2nd Rd., Shengang Township, Changhua County  , Taiwan (R.O.C.)